What is DCS?

DCS:Development Computing Service

DCS is a product in the TeamCode cloud development tool chain that can quickly and automatically build scalable cloud development environments.


  1. Set up a development environment from a Git repository URL in seconds.
  2. Provide a standardized development environment.
  3. Support for mainstream IDEs and browsers, client IDE access, seamless connection with TeamCode Cloud-IDE.
  4. Support multiple languages, including Java, Python, Go, Typescript, etc.


  1. Automatically manage the cloud dev environment which can reduce the cost of R&D.
  2. All development data are stored in the cloud to enhance data security.
  3. Manage the development process in the cloud, improve data transparency and management efficiency.

Application Scenarios

Quickly join the team to develop the project

Efficient remote collaborative development

Visit the link below to learn more

Create DCS From Git Repository

Configure VSCode