How does Pylon help QUWAY to improve the efficiency of web development?

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QUWAY Culture, founded in 2011, is a company that focuses on the development of early education toys and audiobooks for children aged 0 to 8. It has its R&D team and has set up an audiobook system.

As an online retailer, one of the most important tasks of the QUWAY Cultural Development Team is website development. In the development process, the QUWAY R&D team faced some problems that hindered rapid iteration and collaborative development:

-The development team is unstable. Newly recruited developers need to build their development environment. The process from the environment, configuration, dependency to service takes a lot of time.

-The cost is high. To build a complete CI/CD process, the development process must not only deploy a set of test environments, but also a set of production environments. These problems are also common in R&D teams of other enterprises.

Pylon is a product from TeamCode that can build a development environment from source code quickly and automatically. It helps the developers of QUWAY Culture to build development environments automatically. Developers only need to fill in the git repository address, project name, and HTTP port. Pylon will generate a set of development environments for them.

Create a Pylon project from Git Repo

The developers of QUWAY only need to enter the Pylon project in the current organization, choose the local VS Code or Cloud-IDE to start coding.

Manage developers in projects onlineUse Pylon and Cloud-IDE for remote collaborative development

The environment created automatically by Pylon can be shared within the QUWAY organization, keeping the environment consistent with development and testing. With Pylon, QUWAY does not need to rebuild a test environment. Moreover, Pylon also saves the time & cost of going through the CI/CD process one at a time during the rapid iteration. Every time the development is completed, the product manager and test engineer of QUWAY can click Endpoint to see the results immediately.

TeamCode uses the "Pay as you go" method. Users pay based on custom computing resources (CPU and memory). You can start to use our tools at any time and pay by the amount of resources consumed.

Currently, TeamCode provides each Pylon project with a free 10GB of storage space and monthly free plans for individual plans. During the free plan period, you can use all products from TeamCode, including: One-click POC product tools. In addition to the free plan, users can choose a subscription plan to achieve a more complete use experience.

In the future, TeamCode will continue to provide more products for cloud collaborative development, with better experiences and services for developers, and enhance R&D collaboration for more enterprises.

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