TeamCode Overview

What is TeamCode?

TeamCode is a cloud collaborative development platform, that provides cloud-based dev toolchain and services to improve R&D and collaborative efficiency for developers and companies.

With the TeamCode platform, developers can create an automated build environment quickly and connect to the local IDE or cloud-IDE for coding. They can also share the environment and snapshot with others, which completely solves the problem of environmental consistency in collaborative development.

Productive Dev Tools

Cloud-IDE:Lightweight Cloud-IDE that supports multiple programming languages [learn more]

Pylon:Automate a scalable dev environment in the cloud [learn more]

Tin:Generate executable applications instantly [learn more]

How does TeamCode improve R&D efficiency?

Reduce Proof of Concept(POC) Time: Support out-of-the-box projects without installation.

  • Provide Source-to-Service capability and deployment from code to application in seconds.
  • Economical, elastic, and unrestricted.

Generate dev environment, so that developers can focus on coding.

  • Automated Git-based dev environment set R&Ds free from managing dependencies.
  • Elastic cloud compute&storage resources make coding device-independent.

Remote access: Support mainstream IDEs and browsers, work remotely with your team anywhere & anytime.

  • Multi-device coding in browser with Cloud-IDE.
  • Support IDE clients, just choose the way of development that you like!

Team Collaboration: Centralized management and collaborative cloud dev environment improve R&D efficiency notably.

  • Join a project anytime & anywhere without the environment-building process.
  • Provide a collaborative development workspace, auto-manages the environment consistency.

Why TeamCode?

For Developers

Save time on the deployment of the dev environment.

Code on any device anytime & anywhere with your team.

Easy to try on projects, reduce time on choosing the technology pattern.

For Owners

Automatically manage the cloud dev environment, reducing the cost of R&D.

All development data are stored in the cloud, strengthening data security.

Manage the development process in the cloud, improving data transparency and management efficiency.

For Teams

Development in the cloud and collaborative processes improve communication efficiency and collaboration capability.

Manage remote dev environment, support remote collaborative development.

Standardized dev environment and code consistency make it easy to switch among different projects.

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