TeamCode Overview

What is TeamCode?

TeamCode is a cloud collaborative development platform, that provides cloud-based dev toolchain and services to improve R&D and collaborative efficiency for developers and companies.

With the TeamCode platform, developers can create an automated build environment quickly and connect to the local IDE or cloud-IDE for coding. They can also share the environment and snapshot with others, which completely solves the problem of environmental consistency in collaborative development.

Productive Dev Tools

Cloud-IDE:Lightweight Cloud-IDE that supports multiple programming languages. [learn more]

Pylon:Automate a scalable dev environment in the cloud. [learn more]

Tin:Generate executable applications instantly. [learn more]

How does TeamCode improve R&D efficiency?

Reduce Proof of Concept(POC) Time: Support out-of-the-box projects without installation.

  • Provide Source-to-Service capability and deployment from code to application in seconds.

  • Economical, elastic, and unrestricted.

Generate dev environment so that developers can focus on coding.

  • Automated Git-based dev environment set R&Ds free from managing dependencies.

  • Elastic cloud compute&storage resources make coding device-independent.

Remote access: Support mainstream IDEs and browsers, work remotely with your team anywhere & anytime.

  • Multi-device in browser with Cloud-IDE.

  • Support IDE clients as well. Just choose a way of development that you like!

Team Collaboration: Centralized management and collaborative cloud dev environment improve R&D efficiency notably.

  • Join a project anytime & anywhere without the environment-building process.

  • Provides a collaborative development workspace, auto-manages the environment consistency.