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You can run any project immediately.
Open source and private projects from Git or Docker can be automatically built and run in the cloud. Ready to start at any time.

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create a Tin application from Docker Image, Docker Compose , Dockerfile, Source Code
Tin contains the hardware, environment, software, and network required for a project

All you need to do is fill in the project source address, and Tin will help you automatically build and run the project.

Support for multiple constructing methods.

At present, we support automatic building of Tin applications using Docker Image, Docker Compose, Dockerfile and source code construction.

Permanently keep all data.

No need to worry about data loss since persistent data will be stored with Tin.

Enable cloning for sharing.

One person shares and the whole team experiences. Application data are isolated before and after cloning without leakage concerns.

Charge based on demand.

Provide free storage resource quota. Computing and storage resources are optional. You can stop using computing and storage resources at any time and charging stops accordingly.

Customized infrastructure on demand, multi-tenant isolation, exclusive resources

You can do all your development in the cloud with remote dev environment Pylon (learn more)

Create a Pylon project by using Tin's corresponding Git address.

Choose local IDE or Cloud-IDE to develop new functions.

Rebuild the Tin application and experience the new features immediately after coding.

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