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How to test your cloud-native applications cost-effectively?
KubeOrbit is an integration testing tool for cloud-native applications. We introduced this open source product based on its technology and design implementation to help everyone understand. And we are looking forward to more development contribution to this project in the future.
TeamCode Software EngineerEric ShenSoftware Engineer
Microservices Integration Test under Cloud Native Architecture
In recent years, the term cloud native has became very common among developers. The goal of this concept is to manage infrastructure, applications and processes in a more automated and cost-effective way. Docker, Service Mesh, Microservices, immutable infrastructure and declarative API are examples of its representative technologies. There is actually no specific definition of whether a technology is cloud-native or not, because it is not technical architecture, but a design pattern.
TeamCode Co-founder & CTOHenry HeCo-founder & CTO
[Jan. 21, 2022] KubeOrbit is open source now! We're looking forward to more creative technical strengths!
KubeOrbit, the integration testing tool for cloud-native application developed by TeamCode is now open source!
TeamCode OfficialTeamCode Official
KubeOrbit was released, solving problems in integration testing
KubeOrbit is an integration testing tool for cloud-native application that enable users to integration test without changing the current architecture. It will adapt to the existing microservice, no need to adjust the technology stack. And it can also isolate the communication between different test channels.
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How does Pylon help QUWAY to improve the efficiency of web development?
QUWAY Culture, founded in 2011, is a company that focuses on the development of early education toys and audiobooks for children aged 0 to 8. It has its R&D team and has set up an audiobook system.
TeamCode product managerHojackProduct Manager
[Dec.24, 2021] DCS was renamed as Pylon
Pylon (previously named DCS) is a product for quickly and automatically building a development environment from source code. After optimization, Pylon upgraded the functions of DCS and launched two development tools, Pylon CLI and Pylon Cloud.
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My collaborative development experience with a front-end engineer
Recently my friend Wendy, a front-end engineer, was working on an open source project based on her own ideas. To help users learn more about the project and try it out, she planned to build a user manual website using the Nextjs front-end framework.
TeamCode product managerLeonProject Manager
Cloud Collaborative Development Platform TeamCode Closed $1.5 Million in Angel Round
TeamCode, a startup for Cloud Collaborative Development raised about $1.5 million angel round investment from GGV Capital, INCAPITAL, INNOANGEL and MiraclePlus.
TeamCode Developer AdvocateJiaoMaMJdev.relation
TeamCode enables Merico users to experience Dev Lake with one click
TeamCode, as a company committed to building a seamless cloud collaborative development platform, we're glad to cooperate with Merico. Together we enable the products to serve more developers, improving R&D efficiency and team collaboration.
TeamCode Developer AdvocateJKimudev.relation
"Remote Development", what do we mean when we are talking about it?
In the late 1990s, there were some well-known software engineers, for a long time, the creativity of these excellent developers was a hot topic in the software industry. They have one thing in common: all software projects are developed by themselves, from UI design to the development and maintenance of backend programs. However, in the internet era, software development was more about team collaboration instead of the contribution from a single person. We could scarcely find software development patterns like this, nowadays, the mainstream way of development is teamwork.
Software EngineerFang DajiangSoftware Engineer
How does Tin help developers try new technology efficiently?
Tin is an efficient dev tool that can auto-build an environment without cumbersome processes to install dependencies and help developers try different technologies quickly. We found this user feedback from the community, so we put it here to help everyone understand the application of this product better.
TeamCode Developer AdvocateJKimudev.relation